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Therapy at CrossFit Connect

At CrossFit Connect we offer remedial and sports massage therapy in a warm and relaxing environment. Whether it is mobility issue that needs to be fixed, an injury that needs rehabilitating or simply a massage.

Cryo Stimulation is the application of extreme cold (-100 to -180 degrees celsius) for a short time period to trigger the body's physical reaction to the cold. 


Cryo Stimulation is used to reduce pain and inflammation to the targeted area. It also has a natural pain relief effect on the body that can last several hours, days, or even weeks after the treatment. It promotes healing and aids in rapid recovery, and post-surgery recovery time can be significantly reduced using localised Cryo Stimulation.

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Meet Andy Swan

To book with Andy please call

07533 406 004 or email

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I first studied sports and remedial massage at the London School of Sports Massage, completing the diploma course in 2008. 

I have gone on to study the Active Isolated Stretching method under Aaron Mattes; cryo stimulation with the Cryo T Med device; and the NO HANDS 'zero-strain approach' to massage.

I have worked in a multidiscipline clinic alongside Chiropractors and sports therapists treating a range of injuries and rehab work post-surgery. I also work alongside the ATP tennis physios at the Nature Valley International Tennis Tournament, and have done both the London and Brighton marathon pre- and post-massage.

I have personally been involved in CrossFit for the last 5 years and before that kickboxing and boxing along with other sports.

BTEC Dip, MNHMA Remedial and sports massage, Cryo Stimulation 

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