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Owner and Coach

I have been a Crossfitter for over 10 years now and my greatest achievement to date was qualifying for The British Championships in 2015. My love for fitness and wanting to help others led me to make a huge career change back in 2017. After being a banking analyst for 18 years I went back to school and gained my PT L3 Advanced diploma and my CF L1 and started coaching here at CrossFit Connect. 

The methodology behind CrossFit is what intrigued me to start this sport and the community, inclusivity and diversity is why I have embraced it for so long. Since becoming the owner of CrossFit Connect my mission is to create a space for everyone to train side by side, to make everyone feel welcome, with no discrimination. We are a family, and when you train here you become a massive part of that. My team and I have one goal, and that's to keep you safe and make your time with us the best part of your day.

PT L3, CF-L2 CF Gymnastics



Head coach

My early years were spent coaching mainly Football and Athletics. As my own Football career took over in my early twenties, I moved my coaching focus into Personal Training. I wanted to do things different to the status quo so I started a Boot Camp business which ran for 3 years specialising in outdoor fitness. When I found CrossFit, I dropped everything as it resonated with the ethos I held so much, I had to be a part of it! I’d been involved in Gymnastics growing up and enjoyed practicing Capoeira so I naturally gravitated towards the Gymnastic elements of CrossFit and soon found myself attending the Gymnastic seminar in Reykjavik.

I became an affiliate holder in Eastbourne for 3 years and had the stark realisation that I would much rather concentrate on coaching rather than running a facility. And that's exactly what I’m doing now here at CrossFit Connect and in my private studio at home.

PT L3, CF-L2, L5 Sports and Remedial Massage, CF Gymnastics



Head Olympic Lifting Coach

I started CrossFit back in 2014 after some of my family had joined CrossFit Connect. I instantly loved it and have not stopped training here since whilst competing all throughout the year too.

I started shadowing the other coaches at the start of 2017 and it allowed me to learn the ways before I completed my CF-L1 in the summer of 2019. I have grown in confidence and experience over the 4 years of coaching and love seeing members improve in the classes that we offer.

I continue to coach CrossFit to share my passion for the sport and Connect and help others with the knowledge that I have learnt.

PT L3, CF-L1, BWL L2




I began my CrossFit journey in 2010 at CrossFit Bath following a pack with a friend to try a new regime that would "test my fitness", needless to say after one workout I was hooked for life! Little did I know how much this conversation would positively impact my life and the lives of many people around me. My passion in the gym is to share my enthusiasm for a healthy and fulfilling life with as many people as possible.

As well as CrossFit I am also a swimming coach. Within my coaching roles I have delivered on developing high-performance training systems and produced many county, regional and national swimmers throughout the years. As well as personally competing internationally for Great Britain - highest sporting achievement: 3rd in the world.

PT L3, CF-L1, BWL L1




I found CrossFit in 2017 and have never looked back since, having played in competitive sports from a young age, attending the gym since I was a teenager and becoming a personal trainer in 2008. I believe CrossFit perfectly combines the two.

Implementing the CrossFit methodology in my training I have learnt new skills and knowledge I never imagined possible and my passion is to share that with the community at CFC and help members achieve things they never thought they would. I want people to take part and leave the WODs with a new-found confidence they can take into everyday life.

PT L3, CF-L2




I started CrossFit in 2013 after giving up rugby and looking for a new challenge with something that still offered a competitive side but more importantly the team camaraderie aspect.

I walked into Mark Goodwin’s old gym in Eastbourne and the rest you can say is history! I quickly fell in love with the methodology and the community feel that the gym created amongst its members, something I have found widely replicated across the international CrossFit community when travelling and competing.

Coming from a teaching and coaching background I wanted to be able to share my passion with as many people as possible and have been coaching and programming since 2015 around my full time job as a firefighter. I love chatting all things programming and competing and can generally be found faffing somewhere in the gym with my doggo Ted.

PT L3, CF-L2, CF weightlifting L1, CF Gymnastics 




I have been a personal trainer for over 17 years now and what a journey it's been. I have worked for big chain gyms as both a manager and a PT, run online sessions and freelance classes and set up and owned two CrossFit boxes in Brighton - including Connect!

When I discovered CrossFit in 2010 it was still relatively unknown in the UK. But as soon as I had been to my first CrossFit class I was immediately hooked and it changed the way I thought about fitness training and how I coached my clients. Over the next 18 months (and last 10 years!) I read up and learnt as much as I could on CrossFit and in 2011 opened one of the first handful of boxes in the UK, starting with 6 crazy people who loved CrossFit as much as I did! I stepped away from the fitness business for a few years around 2017 to travel and work on different projects but as soon as my close friend Donna took over as the new owner I couldn’t wait to get back down and I fell in love with the place all over again. It couldn’t be in better hands and I truly believe it is one of the best gyms you will find in the UK.

My main specialty within CrossFit is the gymnastics and bodyweight strength side of things. So if you ever want to hang or balance upside down, get yourself up and over the rings in a muscle up or build a rock-solid core, then I’m your man!

PT-L3, CF-L1, CF Gymnastics-L1+2, BWL-L1




I joined CrossFit Connect in 2013 after getting bored of a ‘normal’ gym routine. Having trained off and on at Connect and being in my third stint of Coaching here I can truly say that it feels like home. The facilities, members and community spirit makes Connect truly unique and it is a huge privilege to be able to help members in their fitness journeys.

Ive worked in the fitness industry in various roles since graduating, including-  Personal Trainer, Crossfit Affiliate Owner  and serving for 7 years in the RAF as a Physical Training Instructor.  

As I approach 15 years in the industry my  experience has compounded the fact that i have a passion for Coaching and love every minute of delivering sessions to the members. I strive to make the sessions the best hour of the day and for members to leave the gym having improved their physical and mental health.

BSc, PT-L3, CF-L2, BWL-L1



Teens and Kids Coach

My CrossFit journey started when I turned 16 and wanted to learn how to front squat, in the hallway of the house, on wooden floors! After the first time I dropped the bars I joined a gym.

Over the past 12 years I moved from training myself, to friends, to clients. All the while seeking education from the level 3 Personal training qualification to my Health, Exercise and Physical activity BSc degree from St Mary’s Twickenham.

I joined CrossFit connect as a member in 2018 whilst being a survival instructor for kids and teens. Training in CrossFit both helped my body overcome difficult tasks and my mind dealing with stress-filled environments. Utilising CrossFit to develop strong and healthy habits in our younger members is the best way to help them lead fantastic thriving lives.

All our teens participate in other sports alongside CrossFit, which we strongly encourage, to not only develop skills but to also appreciate the profound impact CrossFit has on their performance outside of the gym.

BSc Health, Exercise and Physical Activity, PT-L3



Membership Consultant

I joined CrossFit Connect 7 years ago as a member and have never looked back!

My day-to-day job is a Nail Technician, but in between clients I am dealing with general enquiries, new member enrolment, member support and all other admin duties to help CrossFit Connect operate. I am the one at the end of the phone and your contact via email, I manage the memberships and taster sessions for the box. 

Connect is my second home and the place I go to escape.

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