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Where you're not just a member,

you are a part of the family...

We are a family-run CrossFit affiliate gym overlooking Hove seafront. 

We opened our doors in 2010 and have been providing functional fitness to our supportive and diverse community ever since. 

Whatever your goal is, we are here to help you achieve it. Whether it be to change your body shape, train for an event, meet like-minded people, or just to be able to run around with your kids or pets, our team of skilled coaches and structured programming will help you on that path. 

CrossFit Connect's community is like no other. There are no egos and no prejudice, just friendly people who all have the same passion for fitness. 

No two sessions are the same, we focus on constantly-varied, functional movements that are designed to be accessible for everyone. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, let CrossFit Connect take it from here. Let us change the way you train and let’s start making it fun!  

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Move with purpose

Move because you want to not because you have to!

The facility

Our classes

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WOD Class

The workout of the day (WOD). This is a classic CrossFit class with a blend of strength, cardio, and gymnastic elements.

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Olympic lifting

Learn the more demanding technique of the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch. A class dedicated to these moves along with accessory moves to compliment them.

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Learn to build strength and control using just your body weight. A class that focusses on pushing, pulling, balance and the occasional rolling and jumping!

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Aerobic capacity

A class dedicated to your engine, to test your endurance and improve your stamina. This class is low skilled and focusses on sustainable and repeatable efforts.

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Open Gym

An open session for the more advanced member who perhaps are following their own programming. This is a chance to train at your own pace within the facility.


Currently FULL

CrossFit Kids

A fun and engaging class to teach our younger ones a few basic CrossFit moves. They run, jump, lift and swing to encourage their coordination and body control.


CrossFit Teens

A class to introduce our younger generation to the world of CrossFit. The programming is based on our mainstream programming, allowing them to learn the basics and have fun.

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