We know everyone is different and may want different things out of their training but it is always nice to see and hear some testimonials from people who have actually been trained by us. You know, just to be assured we actually can do what we say we do! Plus, we are very proud of our members when they achieve their goals as it may be our coaching and planning that assists them but its their hard work and dedication that gets them there.

Chris Baum, Age 53

Six months in with Connect I’m finally able to understand how bad things were before making the decision to sign up. 53 year old former smoker who’d spent 20 years on a plane travelling with work and over 10 years without any regular exercise. I was not surprisingly pretty soft with poor flexibility and constant back problems. I would periodically go to a gym and work out aimlessly, often for too long at low intensity and with little or no variety. Alternatively I’d lift too much weight with very poor form and so saw virtually no positive benefits and would then quickly stop with recurring joint issues and pain.


I decided it was time to change my approach and research thoroughly my options. I’d heard of Crossfit through a friend and Connect’s website offered me the opportunity to sign up to a taster session, come along and effectively try before I had to buy or make a long term commitment. I was, I have to say immediately hooked which was interesting as the idea of being the oldest, weakest and slowest member in any group wouldn’t historically have held much appeal for me. The coaches and atmosphere at Connect quickly made my concerns disappear. Professional, friendly coaching with scaleable workouts that change daily and really do allow people of all ages and fitness levels to work out side by side is really positive and motivating stuff. The supervision and advice is second to none and 6 months in I’m already fitter, firmer and stronger than I’ve been in almost 20 years and my back has not been this pain free in a very long time. I’ve stretched more pre and post workout in the last 6 months than in the previous 52.5 years. Connect has a great atmosphere, is run by good people with friendly members and I’m proof you are never too old or unfit to try to change your life with the right guidance and motivation. I’m still working towards my initial goal of 4 sessions a week and currently average 2-3 one hour workouts weekly.

I love the variety and even the muscle soreness that follows pushing yourself to your limit and whilst I may still be the one of the oldest participating……. I’m rarely the slowest …………………………Life Changing stuff for me

Neil Farley, Age 41

It might sound like a cliche but CrossFit Connect and their Paleo nurtrition plan - Plan P- has radically changed my life. I have always been overweight and never really worried about what i ate. That was until August 2011 when some family members who were doing CrossFit kept talking about it and the amazing effect it was having on their health and fitness.

At the start of 2013 when i joined Connect I joined their paleo plan and in the first month with eating paleo and visiting the box I lost 5.5kg, 3" off my waist and 3% body fat. I felt healthier, happier and had far more energy than i used too.

The Crossfit journey is still continuing, I am learning every session and can't wait to get to the box to train. The only problem I have is I don't have enough time to do all the classes I want during the week! I'm still trying to be as Paleo as possible and always on the look out for new recipes to try. What started out as a 30 day challenge is now a way of life. I'm stronger, fitter, healthier and generally have a better self esteem since joining and that is all down to Connect and the fantastic coaches they have to train and guide you. I only have one regret. That I never tried it sooner!

Donna Beale, Age 37


I had been a member of a regular gym for years and was also a keen runner so classed myself as reasonably fit, or so I thought! After having my 3rd child I was finding it hard to shed those last pounds. So after a few weeks of persuasion my husband talked me into trying CrossFit. From my first taster class I was hooked! Most gyms can be intimidating so I had mentally prepared myself for this but what I was faced with couldn't be more different.

The team of coaches were warm and friendly and made me feel at home straight away. The other members were friendly and very encouraging. I left the class that day feeling exhausted but motivated and determined. That was 1 1/2 years ago and I have never looked back. In this time I have received some amazing guidance and support from the 1st class team of coaches. I've been pushed to my limits but never been made to feel inadequate if I can't lift as heavy or go as fast as the next person. And the best thing of all is I've lost 2 stone. I am 37 now but am fitter, stronger and healthier than the 27 year old version of me.

Before I found Crossfit I trained because I had to. Now I train because I want to. I have met the most amazing people and learnt so much on my Crossfit journey and it's not about to end anytime soon!

Chris Harrison, Creative Director, Harrison & Co, Age 43


If you are anything like me then you will have once thought that becoming fitter, stronger, lighter and faster was the type of thing other people do. Then you discover CrossFit and you realise that physical fitness is well within your reach. The workouts are the most fun you will ever have in the pursuit of fitness and better health. The CrossFit Connect coaches are some of the most committed and passionate people you will ever meet. It's their continuous encouragement and support that makes the box such a special place. They will have you doing things that you thought you'd never be capable of. Like anything, it takes time, patience and commitment – but if you are willing to make that investment, the benefits will amaze you.

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