The needs of the ageing population are the same as a body builders. Let us explain...

There are two major causes of accelerated ageing and frailty, Sarcopenia and Osteoporosis. Whats the difference? Sarcopenia is the progressive loss of skeletal muscle mass and strength, with a risk of adverse outcomes such as physical disability and poor quality of life. -Cruz-Jentroft et al. (2010). Osteoporosis however, is 'the decreased dwnsity of normally mineralised bone'. - Glaser & Kaplan (1997) If we can slow the decline of these two processes we are far more likely to live a full and active life well into old age. So how do we slow this process? Well there are three main areas to focus on, resistance exercise, sufficient protein, specifically Leucine intake to maintain muscle mass and appropriate supplementation.

  • Resistance exercises, should ideally be started earlier in life to build muscle mass that can be maintained into later life, however, even if you do start later there is still a significant benefit, so now is the time to start those squats.

  • Protein is essential for muscle protein synthesis and the prevention of the breakdown of muscle so try to include a source of protein at every meal. However, if a large steak doesn't sound appealing there are plenty of easy sources of good protein, whey protein, greek yogurt, milk and eggs are all easily digested and have a good source of protein and calcium.

  • Finally supplementing with vitamin D is essential especially as we age. It is responsible for a large number of processes within the body, as well as bone formation, it prevents calcium from being released from the bones which is where it needs to stay to keep bones strong! Studies have emerged that patients supplementing with Vitamin D post hip fracture surgery had an increase in bone mineral density.

Fish oil, calcium and creatine will all help to maintain healthy muscles and bones as we age. The longer we can stay fit and active the longer we can fight off disease and frailty.

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