Sunday gathering

One of the most important aspects of Connect is our community. Being welcoming and friendly, friendships forming and people connecting is a great part of the box. We are big believers that fitness doesn't just refer to the body, it's the mind as well. Being around a supportive group of people where you can chat freely is a good way to help the mind.

Anxiety and depression can affect all of us! Society seems to be very good at posting all about the subject on social media, but there is still a big lack of face to face, open discussion towards it. It's very easy to post a quote on social media from the safety of our homes but it doesn't really help. Creating some social time to chat or just hang out can be incredibly helpful for anyone going through something, whatever that might be or if you want to support your friends or create new friendships, we hope our gatherings will help.

We are putting together some social events on Sundays; They are a time and space for ANYONE to come along to, all are welcome. The activities will vary, from brunch, dog walking (you don't need to have a dog to come along), bike rides and all suggestions are welcome, so watch out for the events popping up on our members Facebook group.

We will also be hosting a new group that is being set up in Brighton called Run Talk Run. This was initially set up by a lady called Jessica Mary Robson. She has steadily grown the groups all over the UK with the support of the charity Rethink. It's a running group for non runners too, so very gentle. Mona Sorensen will be hosting the event on Thursday evenings starting after the October half term. This will be a FREE event to join and open to everyone. Do check out Jessica and the amazing work she is doing on Instagram. Mona will post more on this nearer the time.

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