Nutrition: 25 High-Protein Foods

Protein is essential for building muscle as well as aiding recovery but it does so much more than that...

If you exercise regularly and are health conscious you probably have an idea of how important protein is for helping with building and retaining muscle as well as aiding recovering so you can hit the gym again. However, if you are just beginning your fitness journey or you are just looking to improve your eating habits in the hope of dropping a little weight, here is why protein is ESSENTIAL!

Proteins, made up of amino acids - serve many functions. They play an important role in growth and repairs, immune function, transport, cell structure and enzyme function. Not only are they essential for our health but they play a key role in weight loss as they help to regulate appetite.

How much protein should you be getting? The current government RNI is 0.8g per kg of bodyweight. This is ok if you are looking to just scrape above the level of illness. However, if you are looking for optimum health, especially if exercise regularly you would be looking at consuming 1.2 to 1.4g per kg b/w per day and if you are strength training 1.4g - 1.7g per kg or even higher. So before you reach for the supplements, I have put together a list of high protein foods that can help you hit your target.

25 High-Protein Foods Based on Protein Content Per 100g:

  1. Beefy Jerky 30-40g

  2. Tuna steak 32g

  3. Pumpkin seeds 30g

  4. Turkey 30g

  5. Peanuts 25-28g

  6. Edam cheese 27g

  7. Canned tuna 25g

  8. Cheddar 25g

  9. Beef 20-24g

  10. Chicken 24g

  11. Salmon 24g

  12. Almonds 21g

  13. Sardines 21g

  14. Cod 20g

  15. Lamb 20g

  16. Mackerel 20g

  17. Tempeh 20g

  18. Mussels 18g

  19. Chia seeds 17g

  20. Prawns 15-18g

  21. Brazil nuts 14g

  22. Eggs 13g

  23. Tofu 12g

  24. Greek yogurt 10g

  25. Oats 10g

Not an exhaustive list but just some of the high protein foods that can be included in your diet to boost health, retain muscle and help with weight loss. Ensure that you are eating a good variety of proteins so that you are obtaining all of the essential amino acids required.

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