Programming at Connect: February 2018

As there are a number of new members with us, we wanted to clarify the structure of our

programming, the focus of our last cycle and whats to come in the next cycle.

All of our programming runs on a six week cycle. We complete six weeks of "general physical

preparedness” GPP. This is all of the functional exercises that we use the help Improve human

movement, they apply outside of the gym in everyday life, whether thats running for the bus,

chase after the kids, lifting heavy objects or climb like a ninja. As well as our GPP, over each cycle

we like to slightly bias towards one element of fitness, whether thats a strength focus using our

big lifts, upper body strength and stability using pull ups and dips or cardiovascular endurance

using running, rowing and chippers. The purpose of this is to help you consistently improve

through each module domain. It keeps it structured, interesting and progressive.

At the end of each six weeks follows a testing week. This will be the time to test the six weeks we

have just completed as well as test for element we are to focus on in the next cycle.

This week (3rd Feb), we are finishing a six week cycle focusing on improving Front Squats and Presses.

Our new cycle coming up after our testing week will be a focus on Skill Development. This will

be things like double unders, kipping, olympic lifting techniques, all of the important elements to

help you become more efficient in your movement and to help you progress in WODs. Next

week, in our testing week, we will test 1 rep max Front Squats and Presses as well as, making

attempt on double unders etc to see where you are at, to know what needs improving.

In order to help you plan your training based on working weaknesses and improving skills we will

be releasing the focuses for the week ahead. Every Sunday, on the CrossFit Connect Members

private group along with the photos of the week we have just complete you will find whats to

come in the focuses for the week coming up. We hope this can help you to structure your training,

work your weaknesses and nail those skills!

If you do have anything specific you would like to work on in a more one to one setting please feel

free to ask the coaches.

#Programming #Planning #February

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