Why we should ALL register and take part in the OPEN 2018


We know what you’re thinking, why would I bother registering for the CrossFit Open; I’m not a Games Athlete, I’m not going to the Games, hell I’ve only just started CrossFit and I can’t even Double Under yet!

We get it! Let us tell you a little secret... none of us are going to the games and that's ok. We can still enter the OPEN and have a load of fun in the box smashing out the WOD’s. But if you’re not convinced we're going to give you a few reasons why you reallyreally should enter the open this year.

  1. The best way to find out what you need to work on is to put it to the test in the OPEN. Seek out your weaknesses and then you know what you need to work on over the coming year. This isn’t just for new CrossFitters, this is for all abilities right up to those at the top;

  2. Be part of the community, not only the community within your box, where you can experience the fun of a few sweaty WOD’s with your fellow CrossFitter but with the CrossFit community across the globe as a whole. This is the one competition that we can all get involved in and connect within each other;

  3. Find out what you can achieve, you never know you might surprise yourself! There is something special about the OPEN that sees people achieve surprises things, it could be that you push that bit harder for that muscle up or you finally nail your first double under. The encouragement and support of your CrossFit community all routing for you can be a powerful tool, so make the most of it!

  4. It’s ok to be a little competitive! Whether thats the desire to compete seriously at CrossFit or even as a newbie, see where you stack up against other newcomers. It’ll focus your training no end;

  5. It’s suitable for all levels. There has been a scaled division in the OPEN since 2015. This competition is inclusive, you can work with an empty bar and still compete;

  6. ITS FUN!!! So get involved and enjoy it!

You wont regret it; REGISTER ONLINE TODAY

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