Reebok Crossfit Games OPEN 2018

We are here again... It's time for the Crossfit Games, THE OPEN!!! Get yourselves registered for the most exciting time of year.

The OPEN is all about the challenge, the test of your fitness and all the hard work you've put in but most of all it's about the camaraderie, encouragement and community at CONNECT! This is the one time of year when all the boxes across the globe will be sharing in the experience of completing 5 weeks of WOD's, scales or Rx'd. However you do them, it's about enjoying the moment and the challenge.

Whether you've just started CrossFit or you're are a seasoned athlete this is an event to be involved in. Yes, its the test to see who's going to the games but it's so much more than that, it's the community getting together, so be part of it because seriously we are not competing for a spot at the games, we are challenging our own fitness and having a load of fun doing it! So here's what you NEED to do...

Registration begins on Thursday 11th January 2018 at . This is where you will find all the information you need.

Then the workouts begin. FIVE WEEKS from 22nd February 2018 - 26th March 2018:

18.1 Feb 22-26 18.2 March 1-5 18.3 March 8-12 18.4 March 15-19 18.5 March 22-26

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