Tribal Clash 2017

Tribal Clash is a unique Crossfit event. Testing a team of 6 people, 3 male and 3 female, over 2 days on mixed terrain on an exposed beach in Devon.

It’s an event which is hard to train for, the events are unknown, they can be on land or sea, involve running or heavy lifting and are guaranteed to involve strong team work.

This year, Connect took 2 teams to Bantham, Devon to compete along with some of the best supporters the team could ask for. The drive down to Devon was the first true test of our team spirit and comradery. Luckily, our very own Barney was already down there helping set up the event and he starting setting up our “home” for the next few days.

Saturday involved 4 very different WODs, using rope swings, slosh longs, at last stones, up and overs and a VERY steep 5K run! The best WOD was a 6 man SUP race – I highly recommend you try one if you ever get a chance! Some cracking scores came out of the first day, Connect Red coming in 2nd place for the sprints up the hill and Toby taking 13th place for the boys in the 5K run.

With Sunday came the rain, and boy was that some rain! Que rope climbs, log runs and tyre STOH. None of us have experienced such heavy and constant rain from 9pm on Saturday through to 5pm on Sunday – it really testing everyone, separating the men from the boys. As horrible as it is, being wet through to your underwear and not being able to get warm or dry at all, completing a WOD with 5 of your friends in the worst weather brings out a new sense of pride, achievement and team sprit – plus it made for some great photos for Nero!

Over all, both teams, Black and Red smashed it over the weekend. Connect Black came in 37th place, just 5 spots of the semi finals and the best position they have placed over the past 3 years. Connect Red had their first crack this year, placing a fantastic 59th overall!

Thanks to the box for the support and to everyone who took part. It’s not been easy getting to Tribal 2017, but we did it, and we did Connect proud! Oh, and special mention to Mark Goodwin for representing Eastbourne!!

Best Judge: Barney

Connect Black: Alex Potter, Adam Borrer, Toby Feest, Lina Duseviciene, Donna Beale and Didi Goddard

Connect Red: Alex Borsoi, Ross Lower, Axl Sanchez, Anthea Beasant, Francesca Selby and Katja Harjanne

The Best Supporters: Alice Humphries, Karishma Mashru, Stephen Hicks, Freya Harrison, Jessica Harjanne and Seymour Harrison

The Best Photographer: Nerjus Dusevicius

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