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Seeing as we are only just through the grey month of February and all longing for some sunshine and warmer weather, chances are we are low on Vitamin D. A long term lack of Vitamin D can effect us in various ways including on set of Osteoporosis and Mental Health problems.

The best way to ensure we have enough vitamin D and keep our bones healthy and our minds clear is through regular exposure to sunlight. However, in the darker months this is not so easy to do so we need to obtain it through food.

The best food to eat for a good source of Vitamin D is oily fish, like mackerel and salmon. It's just important to remember, when buying fish that you choose wild rather than farmed fish, as farmed fish can be very unhealthy. There are also good Vitamin D supplements on the market as a back up or if you are not a fish lover.

So this week we would like to encourage you to eat at least two meals with oil fish, take a look at the Vitamin D supplements available and as much as possible get outside and walk in the daylight.

Have a great week everyone and hang in there, spring will be here before we now it!

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