The importance of staying hydrated

Lifestyle and Nutrition tip....

Habits are created gradually, over times so it's best to start slowly and add small changes so that it's not too overwhelming.

With this in mind we would love you to get involved in our lifestyle challenges. Just simple tips to start you on the road to good health and nutrition.

WATER - The challenge is to drink at least a litre of water a day for this week.

Why? Well, I can give you a lot of reasons why you should be drinking water every day but here's my top five:-

1. It boosts your energy. Muscles are 75% water, bones are 22% water and blood is around 83% water. So you see, if you are dehydrated your body just isn't going to function well and you will feel sluggish.

2. It improves concentration. Like the rest of your body your brain is made up of a large amount of water, around 85%. If you are dehydrated it can effect concentration and even short term memory.

3. It supports heart function. The hardest working muscle of all needs a lot of water to function well. If you are dehydrated your blood thickens making it harder for the heart to work well.

4. It helps with exercise. It's common sense to replace fluid you lose when you sweat with water, but what might not be obvious is that your body will work better and harder during your work if you drink water.

5. Water helps with weight loss. Water naturally reduces your appetite. Sometimes the feel of thirst can be confused with the feeling of hunger. When you're dehydrated fat cells become harder to break down. Research has shown that if you drink a glass of water before each meal you will consume less calories.

So give this challenge a go. 3,2,1 GO......!

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