Read Sarah's CrossFit journey

Sarah Soffe, Age 49, Mum of two.

My Crossfit Connect Journey

"I had been seriously ill for almost a year and during that time I had lost lots of weight and muscle. I was exhausted and had no strength to cope with the day to day activities such as food shopping, playing football with the kids, etc. I knew that if I wanted to recover fully, I would need to build both my strength and stamina so decided to join a gym/health club.

There was no way that I could cope with an aerobics type class and felt this wasn’t going to support my confidence either. I talked to several personal trainers but didn’t feel comfortable in a one-to-one session. I needed to find small group sessions with coaches that would give feedback and technique pointers, to give full demonstrations on how to move correctly and get the best out of my workout with the little energy that I had. I did some more research and came across Connect.

Having explained my situation to Holly, I nervously booked an introduction session to learn the basic movements, lifting techniques and get a general feel for the gym. At first the thought of using weights terrified me, I struggled to lift the shopping out of the car how was I going to manage a workout (WOD)? But I’ve stuck with it and with the encouragement and kindness of the coaches and the camaraderie of the other members, 18 months on and I’m now stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been.

Connect is not like any other gym I’ve been a member of; it’s not full of fancy machines, heating or air conditioning, but it offers so much more. It’s friendly, the coaches are fantastic, ensuring that you are using the weights properly, providing scalable (easier) options and a wide variety of aerobic, strength and gymnastic exercises, which I love.

Every workout is different and as a busy working mum, it’s great to switch off my brain and to be ‘told what to do’ and during the school holidays, there’s no excuse for not going – the kids and the dog just come too!"

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