28 Day Nutrition Challenge

Would you like to wake up feeling full of energy in the morning?

Or Would you like to lose those excess pounds?

We can help! We are running a 28 day nutrition challenge starting on 1st May. We would like you all to have a lovely Easter, eat your chocolate eggs, go on the Easter egg hunt, have a family gathering, then start the challenge with us. This challenge will help you to:-

* Stop feeling sluggish and tired * Loss the aches and pains * Get rid of the excess pounds * Feel amazing! We will start with a nutrition talk, weigh in and measurements on Saturday 29th April at 12pm. You will be given a guide to follow including recipe ideas as well as access to support and encouragement through a private Facebook group, where you can also share ideas and encourage each other. All for just £15!

This challenge is open to members and non members. If you are keen to experience the benefits of this challenge register your interest with us at crossfitconnect@hotmail.co.uk

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