Holly Skinner

Owner, Olympic Lifting Head Coach

Compassionate and energetic CrossFit Affiliate Owner, athlete since 2008 and mother. I leverage experience with a diverse client base to meet each clients unique needs. Equipped with all the motivational skills and certified advanced technical training necessary to engage clients and achieve results.

My approach to fitness isn't only about what it can do for your body, CrossFit is a supportive community-based methodology that is inclusive and flexible. CrossFit Connect create mental and physical strength, which is further strengthened by the relationships built in the box.

BSc, Dip PT, CF-L1, BWL 2, MNU Nutritionist

Mark Goodwin

Head Coach

My coaching journey started in 1998. My early years were spent coaching mainly Football and Athletics. As my own Football career took over in my early twenties I moved my coaching focus into Personal Training. I walked the usual route of commercial gyms, which left me feeling disheartened with the fitness industry. I wanted to do things different to the status quo so i started a Boot Camp business which ran for 3 years specialising in outdoor fitness. When I found CrossFit, I dropped everything as it resonated with the ethos i held so much, I had to be a part of it. I’d been involved in Gymnastics growing up and enjoyed practicing Capoeira so I naturally gravitated towards the Gymnastic elements of CrossFit and soon found myself attending the Gymnastic seminar in Reykjavik.


My thirst for knowledge has seen me travel to Dublin, Reykjavik, California, London and Manchester in recent years studying and learning under some world class tutors. I became an affiliate holder in Eastbourne for 3 years and had the stark realisation that I would much rather concentrate on Coaching rather than running a facility. And thats exactly what I’m doing now here at Reebok CrossFit Connect and in my private studio in my home Town (Eastbourne).

Dip PT, CF-L1, L5 Sports and Remedial Massage, CF Gymnastics

Donna Beale

Operations Manager and Coach

I started Crossfit in February 2012 and quickly fell in love. It didn’t take me long to start competing and my greatest achievement to date was qualifying for The British Championships in 2015. My love for fitness and wanting to help others led me to make a career change. I gained a Level 3 Advanced diploma in Personal Training and the CF L1 in the summer of 2017. I then made the transition from member to coach at Connect in November 2017 and have been developing my coaching skills and learning from my colleagues ever since.


I continue to be inspired by the older generation in the box. As you grow older your dedication increases as you must work that little bit harder. I am in awe of the capabilities of these athletes and the passion they show in each session. They are pushing their bodies to limits they never knew they could and my aim is to help them on their journey. I also love watching members develop and grow as they learn new skills. There is nothing better than supporting a new member through a new skill and then seeing the improvements they make and the difference it makes to their training.

Dip PT LV.3 , CF-L1

Benjamin McIvor.jpg

Benjamin McIvor


I started doing CrossFit in 2010, following a pack with a mate to try a new regime that would 'test my fitness'; needless to say after one WOD I was hooked! Little did I know how much this conversation would positively impact my life and the lives of many people around me.


After getting CrossFit Level 1 Certificated I knew I wanted to help work at a CrossFit affiliate and share my knowledge and experiences. Now my passion in life is to share my enthusiasm for a healthy and fulfilling life with as many people as possible!  

Dip PT, CF-L1

Jordan Burns


I started CrossFit in 2016, after years of weightlifting and HIIT training at regular gyms. However, it wasn’t until I joined Connect that I realised where my passion really lied - as a personal trainer and coach. Since then I have added a number of skills to my arsenal, from developing my squats and cardiovascular endurance to learning olympic lifting and gymnastics movements. Connect is the place to be if you want to become a well-rounded athlete.


I have been coaching at Connect since 2017 and strive to offer members the best experience possible. I want to help them grow the same way the coaches did with me when I joined.

Dip PT, CF-L1

Madison Farley


I took up CrossFit just over 4 years ago after most of the family joined and talked me into doing the teens classes. I took part in those teen classes and built up the fundamentals and learnt the technique of all the skills. I was then moved into the adult classes and started to take part in the WOD classes, gymnastics and Oly Lifting classes to build up the strength and overall performance in CrossFit. I now compete regularly throughout the year and train as much as I can around college, this has allowed me to develop as an athlete as well as a coach. 

I started to shadow at the start of 2017 which helped me gain knowledge from the different coaches; I was able to pick different characteristics of each coach so that I could combine their knowledge to help develop my own. 


Sarah Farley


I've been a member of Connect for almost 4 years. My husband Neil aka Ruskie, daughter Madison aka Mad Dog & son Leo are also members so it's a family affair!

My part at Connect is Admin and Memberships, I am the face at the end of your emails and deal with any queries regarding memberships or hopeful new members. I train regularly down at Connect and am constantly thriving for better performance within Connect.


I love the community we have developed over the years down at Connect and it is what makes this box so special. Connect is a huge of our lives and will continue to be and has become a second home to my family.

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